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Wives Speak Up–He’s NOT Hearing You!

I don’t get many requests to coach career transitioning husbands and their wives together. Hmmm! Maybe I should start making that a requirement? An excellent blog post by Pastor Ron Edmondson got me thinking about the way we men tend to become so focused on our job change that we don’t always hear what our […]

Budding ain’t Blooming!

On my almost daily walk n talk with the Lord I enjoy seeing things in the great outdoors. One of my favorites is a scraggly (my dad would have said–leggy) flowering bush. This bush looks pretty sick most of the year with lots of bare branches and not too many leaves. It often is filled with promising looking […]

What Has God Called You To Do?

Discovering what God has called one to do is the path to a fruitful life. You call  gives purpose that can provide the drive and energy which leads to a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Consider how God spoke to Moses and confirmed the call and purpose of the craftsmen that were to build the […]

Pastoral Transition from Associate to Senior Pastor Role

Here’s an area we seldom would think of as a difficult transition. That is a big mistake. Like most change, it pays to know where you want to go and what steps are necessary to arrive fully equipped and prepared. More often than not, associate pastors stay busy with the ministry they are doing, and […]

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